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sanctuary tax & trust services ltd

call us 01270 667 912

about us

For many the idea of estate planning is an unfamiliar concept, not everybody is aware of the benefits of estate planning, and it is often thought of as reserved for families with high wealth values. Since 2017 we have been working to highlight the ever-increasing need for all families to have a robust inheritance plan and delivering affordable solutions to a broad spectrum of clients. We believe everybody’s inheritance is important regardless of the size of the estate. Whether it is a family with several properties, businesses and land, or just the family home, expert advice should be available to secure the families wealth. That is why all are initial consultations are free of charge with no obligation.

our team

Gary Archer – Senior Estate Planner

Gary has been in the industry for over 20 years and every initial client consultation is with Gary. He has contributed articles for various media on topics ranging from Social Cares impact on Inheritance, Unintentional Disinheritance and Powers of Attorney.  Gary’s knowledge and advice is the primary reason why our clients choose to use Sanctuary Tax & Trust Services.

Tiffany Walters – Client Relations Manager

Tiffany has been with the business since day one and ensures the customer experience is of the highest quality possible. Tiffany engages with our clients at every step of their journey to ensure the process is seamless and completed within the expected time frames.

Becca Sant – Administration Officer

Becca leads the administration side of the business, making sure all relevant documents are collected from our clients, all new documents are produced and registered with the relevant bodies such as the Office of the Public Guardian, Land Registry and HMRC.

Nicky Firkins – Customer Services Agent

Nicky is the contact point for our existing clients and deals with the annual review of their inheritance plan as well as any queries they may have or amendments they wish to make.

Steve Derry & Claire Alty – Sales & Marketing

Steve and Claire are the initial contact for most of our clients, dealing with all new enquiries, producing the company’s marketing, and promoting not just Sanctuary Tax & Trust Services but also Estate and Inheritance planning in general.

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