Legal Executives  


Whatever your circumstances you will have people you care about and that are important in your life.  
These are normally our spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, close friends etc. We spend a lifetime accumulating possessions, buying a house saving for the future and planning retirement. So its only natural we would want the people we care about the most to benefit from our possessions when we have gone. 


For centuries mankind has devised ways to pass wealth to the next generation. In the UK, we have a complex framework of laws, rules and procedures that been developed by successive Governments to control how we can manage our wealth. To whom we can give it, when and how much the Government is entitled to take from us, during our lifetime and on our death. Governments are always looking for ways to increase the amount we contribute towards society. Yet at the same time increasing percentages of society make little or no contribution and a feeling of injustice is felt by many. 


We are an ageing population and we are all living longer. Life expectancy has increased considerably, making the need to budget for retirement greater than ever. When the state pension was introduced, life expectancy was was less than five years after retirement. Today its more than twenty years and will continue to increase. The Queen came to the throne in 1952 and sent 3,000 100th birthday telegrams in that year, in 2016 nearly 14,000 telegrams were sent, in the last four years the population of people over the age of 90 has increased by 25 percent. 


Over the last 20 years our Legal Executives have helped thousands of people throughout the UK to protect their assets for themselves and their loved ones. A basic Will is the first part of estate planning but comes with limitations, all to often opportunities are lost because of failure to plan sufficiently to avoid potential threats. We offer a range of solutions individually tailored to your circumstances, from basic Will planning to inheritance Tax planning, Trust and estate planning including complex Tax and Trust solutions. 


We want you to be completely happy with your decision to protect your estate with us. Effective planning should always save money. It should never cost money in the long term but should be seen as a prudent investment that preserves your wealth for your family. We are confident that the solutions we offer can potentially save your family thousands of pounds that we are prepared to guarantee that they will leave your family better off during the Trust period than they would have been if your estate had been left unprotected. 
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